Canoe along our tranquil stretch of the Zambezi

What to expect

Canoeing is a wonderful way to experience the spectacular Zambezi, and her incredible flora and fauna. The banks of the river are home to magnificent trees, fabulous bird life, and a wide variety of wildlife. You’ll have a unique perspective on all of this from a relaxed seat in a Canadian-style canoe. Indulge in exciting photographic opportunities or simply drink in the views as herds and birds come to the water and bathe or stroll by along the river’s edges. Some guests have been fortunate enough to see elephants swimming in the water ahead of them and have sighted the rare Pel’s fishing owl.

Our knowledgeable and professional canoe guides have extensive experience canoeing the mighty Zambezi, and your safety is their top priority. They expertly navigate the deep-water channels along a very tranquil section of the river. The experience is very peaceful and will leave you with a sense of calm and wellness having connected to the nature around you.

This activity is suitable for children aged 16 years and older.

Best time to go

Canoeing is a year-round activity. Occasionally, in high water season, when flow of the river is very rapid, we would not recommend this activity. During your stay, our team will advise on the best time of day for this activity.

What to pack

Comfortable clothing that you don’t mind getting wet from the occasional splash of a paddle.


From a canoe you can enjoy birdwatching, or take the opportunity for peaceful meditation.

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