Wildlife Sightings

Matetsi Private Game Reserve, an unfenced 136,000-acre wilderness concession at the heart of the KAZA transfrontier conservation area, is home to vast array of wildlife from huge herds of elephant and buffalo to large prides of lion and solitary elusive leopards.

Monthly Sighting Reports

Each week our guiding team compile sightings reports that detail which animals and birds they have observed while out on safari with guests or on anti-poaching patrols on Matetsi Private Game Reserve. And each month, we do a summarised write up of these, featuring photos and anecdotal contributions from our team and our guests.

Over the years it’s been wonderful to see the return of wildlife to the area, evidenced in these reports. This marked increase in wildlife populations and species is living proof that our on-going conservation efforts are having a profoundly positive effect in the area.

December 2020 Wildlife Sightings

Many gifts this festive season came in the form of wonderful wildlife sightings of all different shapes and sizes, everything from leopard in a tree with a sub-adult cub close by, through to a magnificently

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November 2020 Wildlife Sightings

The early rains in October and continued intermittent showers throughout this month, meant that November was officially the start of the green season, reflected in the lush look of the photography in this month’s sightings

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August 2020 Wildlife Sightings

The seasons shifted through the course of August. We moved from what felt like bitterly cold winter (in Africa terms) to temperatures that felt like high summer, with a few cloudy days toward the end

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July 2020 Wildlife Sightings

In the heart of winter, mornings can be brutally cold, and our guides take the edge off by providing hot water bottles and blankets for our guests going out on morning game drives.  The sun

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June 2020 Wildlife Sightings

As we head into the heart of winter, temperatures continue to drop, and the bush continues to dry up. The colours showcased in the foliage across Matetsi Private Game Reserve are remarkable. Mornings are crisp,

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