Introducing Matetsi’s Anti-poaching K9 Team

Poaching is a major problem in Africa and poses a serious threat to the beautiful and endangered wildlife that roam the continent. Domestic animals also suffer, in Zimbabwe there are thousands of dogs that roam the street starving and in extremely poor condition. This is a story of a new life for five very special […]

Introducing GRACE

Supporting and developing exceptional talent & projects throughout Zimbabwe and Africa. Values Education • Freedom • Mutuality • Trust • Collaboration Vision and Visionaries Established in late 2021, GRACE was formed by Charles & Sara Gardiner to formalise and continue the incredible philanthropic work that their parents have done over the last 30+ years. GRACE, […]

Matetsi Victoria Falls joins Regenerative Travel

As an independent property that is owned and run by a family with a deep love for our home country of Zimbabwe, its people and its wildlife, we have always been fully committed to conservation and sustainability. These values underpin our very reason for existence, which is why we are delighted to become part of […]

Lion Cubs – February 2022

Earlier this week, our phones were abuzz with news of an extremely special sighting: three new lion cubs had been spotted with the rest of the resident pride! Safari guide, Bryan Mpuche, was able to capture these wonderful photos of the new additions and told us more about the sighting: “For almost a month I […]

Amaganyane take part in The Wildlife Ranger Challenge

On September 18th ranger teams across Africa competed in The Wildlife Ranger Challenge, a global fundraising initiative to support the men and women working tirelessly to safeguard the continent’s iconic wildlife. In The Wildlife Ranger Challenge, 4-man teams complete a 21-kilometre (13 mile) race, carrying equipment packs weighing 22 kilograms (48.5 lbs). This race is […]

Kudu Rescue at Matetsi Private Game Reserve

Our Matetsi Victoria Falls Scouts, the “Amaganyane” (meaning “Wild Dogs”) routinely patrol the banks of the Zambezi River, generally as a two-man team. Over the course of their patrols, they cover the 15 km stretch from the most north-easterly corner to the north-west corner of Matetsi Private Game Reserve. While on patrol, the scouts are […]

Scout Passing Out Parade

It is a special privilege to see the culmination of a group of youngsters’ hardship, toil and grit that is a Passing Out Parade. This is especially true for the Matetsi Victoria Falls ‘Amaganyane’ anti-poaching team (their name meaning ‘ Wild Dogs ’ in Ndebele) who marked the completion of their two – month initial […]

Matetsi Magic Memories

During each month of our five-year anniversary celebrations, we are compiling our very favourite Matetsi Magic moments from our guests and our team and sharing them here on our blog. Celebrate with us Thanks to everyone who has shared their photos and memories with us recently and over the years. We’d love to include more […]

Matetsi Victoria Falls establishes in-house Anti-Poaching Unit

We are delighted to share the news of the establishment of an in-house anti-poaching unit on Matetsi Private Game Reserve. The latest step in our conservation journey, which we recently documented in this short video.  Over the last six years, we have seen life return to Matetsi Private Game Reserve, a vast 136,000-acre wilderness that had been previously devastated by poaching and illegal hunting.  With the commitment of our […]