Guest Stories & Sightings

A fantastic stay for the first part of our honeymoon. Thank you so much to our ranger guide Trymore and tracker Decent for finding and spotting all of the best Matetsi has to offer. We saw lion, Zambezi cat, wild dogs, buffalo, croc, hippos, hyena pups & more! An elephant also came right up to our pool!

Well how lucky we have been. On our first game drive we not only saw lots of elephant, buffalo, giraffe, zebra & kudu. We spotted a leopard just after sunset. We were watching him with the red night light & he sat quietly so we could really observe him. While observing him a large herd of elephants were observing us. Then on our early game drive the next day we saw a young male lion and two lionesses. Thanks to the Matetsi family for a wonderful stay!

First day drive we saw a procession of elephant, including a baby & and mother heading to the water hole. We watched them swish their trunks to clean the water of floating debris, then drink. Giraffe families and herds of impala. High points of our time here were seeing the wildebeests in a huddle as a brand-new calf emerged, his umbilical cord still hanging while his mother nudged him to stand up and the whole herd came over to welcome and sniff him (or her). Baobab trees! The dinner in the bush with hanging lanterns and fabulous wine. On our drive back here in the dark, we saw the first new born impala, signaling that the late rains were finally coming, at 3am the thunder, lightning and welcome rain storm were spectacular.

Note: Accompanying photos are from our Matetsi Victoria Falls Photo Library for October – November 2018. They give an idea of the look of the landscape, and some of the sightings during that period.

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