Matetsi Victoria Falls Wildlife Sightings

Matetsi Private Game Reserve, a 55,000-hectare pristine wilderness that consists of a variety of different ecosystems and has 15 km of Zambezi River frontage, provides habitats for a huge variety of flora and fauna. Over the past 5 years, life has been restored to this magical place, through a range of conservation initiatives, spearheaded by the dedicated Matetsi Victoria Falls team. Today, the property offers a rich wildlife experience.

October Wildlife Sightings

October 2019

With 15 km of Zambezi River frontage, and 16 strategically placed waterholes, Matetsi Private Game Reserve is a haven for wildlife in the region. Due to the huge numbers of elephant moving through, some areas of the concession look like an alien landscape, but we know once the rains come, the vegetation will spring back to life.

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September 2019

September started exactly as it intended to go on, with lion sightings. To set the scene, with rainfall being a 3rd of average in some areas regionally, water is scarce, and the bush is generally very dry, and so the density of wildlife in general within Matetsi Private Game Reserve is increasing. The dry bush allows for good visibility, and wildlife are drawn to water holes throughout the day.

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August Wildlife Sightings

August 2019

In the dry season, a good availability of water, from 16 solar-powered boreholes and 15 km of the mighty Zambezi River, means that that 55,000-hectare wilderness that is Matetsi Private Game Reserve is an oasis for wildlife.

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June 2019

These months were characterized by bitterly cold mornings, and gorgeous blue-sky days. Guest departed the lodge wrapped up like the Michelin-man, with a hot water bottle helping to keep them cozy, and returned mid-morning delayered and feeling sprightly – whether as a result of the fresh morning air or the Ranger’s coffee (with Amarula), we can’t say.

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Guest Stories & Sightings

November 2018

As we head into our driest months, we look back on last year and what nature had in store for us over this period, as seen through the eyes of our guests. October and November can be a very hot time of the year. After months of no rain, the bush is very sparse, allowing for good visibility even in the wooded areas, and wildlife are often found congregating around the waterholes.

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