Matetsi Victoria Falls Stories

Many stories are woven into life at Matetsi Victoria Falls, stories of the design, the wilderness, and the individuals that make Matetsi truly magical.

A Story of Hope

April 2020

If you were fortunate to visit Matetsi Victoria Falls between September 2019 and March 2020 and sight 2 young lion cubs, this is their story.

The Gogo Project

April 2020

In times of crisis, even more support is required for community and conservation work. Vulnerable individuals face greater hardship due to loss of income and less support from the wider community. Whole communities face famine and some individuals may turn to poaching as a means of survival.

The Matetsi Victoria Falls Conservation Story

September 2019

Today, I stand overlooking a waterhole teaming with life: countless buffalo (my father says over a 1,000), a breeding herd of elephants – one baby is probably only 2 months old, giraffe, zebra, wildebeest, black-backed jackal scurrying around (the side-striped species are found further down the vlei where we’ve seen the reedbuck), and in the background are three skulking hyenas.

Wine Cellar

May 2019

Since its opening in 2016, family-owned and independently run Matetsi Victoria Falls has shaken up the luxury lodge scene in Southern Africa. One of the renowned features of the lodge is its truly unique wine cellar, the concept of which is intricately linked to the family-owners themselves.

Elle Decoration

March 2018

“DOWN TO EARTH – Rustic textures meet a chic, but distinctly homegrown pallet of clays, ochre, lustrous copper and cobalt in the considered interiors of Matetsi Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe’s most stylish luxury nature retreat.”

Stories from Friends & Family

Travel advice and Matetsi stories from our Friends and Family.

Matetsi – A magical place

July 2018

As a tour guide for the past 16 years I have had the opportunity to stay in some of the best hotels and lodges on offer in Southern Africa. There are many components and factors that make a place something special.  It is rare to find a place that gets all the components right.

Zambezi River Fishing

August 2018

Fishing on the Zambezi River, around Victoria Falls, is an experience of a lifetime. Pole and fly fishermen from all corners of the globe flock to these waters in order to experience some of the best freshwater fishing Africa has to offer. This includes a chance of hooking a prized tigerfish.

Dining Experiences

January 2019

Culinary experiences these days are so much a part of your overall travel experience. At Matetsi Victoria Falls it’s not simply about the food, it’s undeniable that these culinary experiences are enhanced by the setting.

This interactive tour takes you through an authentic rural village, outside of Victoria Falls town. Here, a community member will guide you around their homestead, and from this you will gain a fascinating insight into Zimbabwean village life.

Victoria Falls Horse Riding Nature Trail

January 2019

Enjoyable horseback safari within a wildlife area near the majestic Victoria Falls. Tailored for both novice and experienced riders, the safaris are led by experienced guides and can be enjoyed in the early morning or late afternoon.

Matetsi Culinary Experience

January 2019

At Matetsi Victoria Falls you’ll enjoy a range of different dining experiences during your stay. Together with our Executive Chef, Shane Ellis, we have put together this example of what a day of dining at our luxury safari lodge might look like. Through this, we hope to show you that although we are “in the bush”, we understand that culinary experiences are so much part of your whole guest experience.

Travel Advice

Streamline your travels with our local knowledge. Let us help you experience a seamless Zimbabwean safari without issue.

Best Time To Visit Victoria Falls

July 2018

You’ll hear it first, Mosi-oa-Tunya or ‘The Smoke That Thunders’: light, deep reverberations that grow in volume as you edge closer to witness this immense natural phenomenon, and face a vast, soft cloud, shifting idly a few meters above ground.

Kaza Visa

July 2018

Answers to all your questions relating to the KAZA UniVisa and Zimbabwe visas. What, how, when and where?

Victoria Falls Map

August 2018

We have created an interactive map showing The Fall’s major attractions, exciting activities, important points of interest, as well as recent game sightings. Besides providing exact locations and vital information, our graphically interactive map can provide real-time directions using Google Maps.

Traveling to Victoria Falls

July 2018

Locally known as ‘The Smoke that Thunders’, Victoria Falls can be seen and felt for miles. But what is the best way to get to The Falls, what documentation will you need, and what should you be sure not to miss?

Things to do in Victoria Falls

January 2019

We have put together our list of the top Things To Do near Victoria Falls. From guided walks to township tours, a visit to Livingston island and helicopter tours, you are spoilt for choice. Fill your itinerary with Zimbabwe’s most spectacular adventures, or decide to spend your vacation relation alongside our pool.


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